Efficient, green data center with AI focus

We are good at

Our services

Dedicated hosting with RISC-V servers

Green energy

Powered by solar, and batteries with efficient technology to reduce costs and carbon footprint without the need to buy carbon credits

Custom CPUs

Custom CPUs using the new RISC-V ISA designed with performance/watt and AI/ML in mind

Custom servers

Custom servers designed for efficiency and high integration, allowing power savings.

About Aloha Data Center

Who are we?

Founded by professionals with decades of experience in various industries including chip design, IT, data centers and green technology.

We are determined to create the most energy efficient data center without sacrificing performance, provide great customer service, and pass the savings on to the customers.

Our Benefits

Why choose us?

We are providing a green data center with high performance systems, with focus on AI and ML.


Niche expertise

We have partnered with a leading design firm to design our own CPUs specifically for this use.



High efficiency and solar panels allows for the data center to have very low carbon emissions.



By using custom designs, high efficiency, solar, etc, we can reduce costs and pass the savings on to the customers, without sacrificing customer experience.